Energy Breakthrough

A Solar Power Breakthrough, Courtesy of the Guy Who Invented the Super Soaker.  We heard about this gentleman in my Management of Innovation class this weekend in a discussion about Recombinant Innovation.  Recombinant Innovation (which is somewhat laborious to type) deals with innovating by combining two things that were previously unrelated … while at NASA, he was trying to come up with a pressure system and needed a container of sorts … ended up using a 2 liter bottle.  If you follow the jump there’s a picture of the original design for the super soaker, and most everyone knows how successful that’s been.

So this gentleman has figured out a way to generate electricity from the transfer of heat from the environment to a closed system, without the use of moving parts.  It involves the ionization of hydrogen, the flow of free electrons from one area to another, and then the re-synthesis into hydrogen on the other side.  If it works, it sounds like it’d be pretty ingenious and a fantastic way to generate energy on a small (and potentially large) scale.


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