#AskSisyphus – Why does Honey Smacks or Golden Crisp make my urine smell like the cereal?


This week’s AskSisyphus question (and possibly the next nine weeks as well) comes from @JTIPhotos on Twitter. I’m not sure he meant this first one to be taken seriously or not but I figure even silly questions sometimes have interesting answers. JT sent me eight questions so far today and I think he’s planning on sending two more before the day is out. I want all of you to take note. His enthusiasm is something I want all of you to emulate.

Jumping right into it, JT reveals his breakfast preferences and a personal fact about his bathroom experiences in one simple question:


“Why does Honey Smacks/Golden Crisp makes your pee smell exactly like the cereal? #AskSisyphus @SrslyAmusing

Well JT, I have a few answers for you on this one, some speculative, some based on science, some based on personal experience, and some based on the random miscellany of internet denizens. I really couldn’t find anything on any remotely scientific websites or medical evidence at all so you’ll have to take what I was able to find.

One site I thought made for an interesting read, and offered sentiments/opinions repeated elsewhere: http://isitnormal.com/story/my-pee-smeels-like-honey-smacks-44267/

Many people here offer the thought that two things are probably going on here. They mention that your urine is a reflection of what your body is disposing of, and that this phenomenon is an indication of one of, if not both of, two things. One, you’re dehydrated in the morning and need to drink more water throughout the day … the dehydration is leading to a more potent or concentrated urine and therefore you’re smelling its contents more. Two, if your urine smells sweet it’s because your body is bleeding off excess sugars. Your breath may also smell sweet if this is the case. If these two things sound familiar to you, go get yourself checked out as they are indicators of diabetes.

One false assumption and possible shred of logic here is that those cereals are very sugary and therefore they probably influence your urine. It’s worth noting though that what you’re eating in the morning has very little if anything to do what you pee out that morning.

That’s the “medical” answer, or as medical as I can get with this. I think it might be worth looking into what makes urine smell bad when you eat asparagus because the same basic biological effect is at work here.

Another thought which is far more speculative than the previous one is as follows. I eat Cheerios quite a bit in the morning, far more when I’m not rushing off to work. It’s just kinda hand in box to mouth over and over again until I’m not hungry anymore. When I get into the shower on those days later that morning I find that I smell Cheerios. I don’t think that it’s coming out of my pores (because A.) I don’t think Cheerios come out of people’s pores and B.) it’s far too soon for that sort of thing to happen even if they did) … but I do think that I ended up getting a significant amount of Cheerio dust on my face and body without being aware of it.

So I think the dust/particles of the cereal are perhaps being disturbed when I initially get into the shower and I’m smelling that. This too may be moderately related to your issue here, or it may not be at all.

The takeaway from all this is to do a little reading on asparagus then make sure your body is processing sugars properly.

Thanks for the great question JT! (More from him to come in the future)






http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=PWS (not a reliable source of any information other than slang)




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